About Us


Consequent to careers in the special forces of the Army, the next and perhaps logical step was for us was to venture into the business of protection, safety and security services, to this end, our first foray was the acquisition of Uppal Security Services (Pvt.) Ltd. (USS) in the year 2007.

The challenge of revitalizing USS in a tense security environment was herculean, however, with sheer dedication and a vision to succeed, USS successfully carved a niche for itself in provision of security services particularly to the development sector across the length and breadth of Pakistan.

It was during this journey that we had the opportunity to develop our philosophy on international best practices, however, we realized that the market though inundated with providers lacked quality and professionalism. Resultantly, an idea was conceived to venture into the provision of products and services of which we had experience through years in military and security services. This eventually led to the creation of Secure Ideas and USS Tracking (Pvt.) Ltd. – the former specializing in provision of security, defence and aviation solutions whereas the latter tying in with the business of physical security by offering fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions.


To provide our clients with quality products with a strong focus on customer experience up until the ‘last mile’ delivery of products and services. With our vast clientele, connections and networks with local and international suppliers, we look to form long-lasting relationships.


Our vision is to become an industry benchmark and the epitome of reliability and trust.


We believe our primary responsibility is towards our clients who have reposed their trust in us. Our philosophy is to minimize risks and costs by ensuring the provision of products and services which provide peace of mind and comfort to our clients, enabling them to carry on with their business with confidence and trust. Our core values lie at the heart of our philosophy of risk and cost mitigation. Customer-focus is integral to our work and underpins Secure Ideas’ four values of providing Flexibility in our services to clients, working with Integrity and a Dynamic team to create an environment of safety, confidence and Trust


    We unite as a team putting the needs of our customers at the forefront to deliver value and satisfaction.


    We are committed towards exceeding the expectations of our customers through service and excellence and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.


    Exhibiting pride and accountability in the performance of duties and ensuring long-term success.


    We aim for perfection but are cognisant of the time value of money, therefore, we ensure alacrity in our decision making to build value.